They chose the most violent planet they could find capable of sustaining human life. They stranded thousands of criminals in different habitats, each group genetically modified to survive. The world was up for grabs, winner take all. When the project was abandoned, the scientists pulled out. The civilization that evolved in the intervening centuries is like nothing you've seen before. Planet Ds...the only place in the galaxy where slavery isn't a law, it's an instinct.

Planet Ds, the new serial by award winning author Master Nage, is a one of a kind continuing erotic adventure.

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Inside Planet Ds

A special area taking you behind the scenes.
  • Browse character outlines
  • Find out more about the world,
  • Access scenes that don't appear in the serial.

Warning to Readers of Erotic Romance

Planet Ds is an adult science fiction erotica serial that contains graphic sex scenes and some violence. While romantic themes occasionally appear, Planet Ds is not a romance, nor does it pretend to be. If you enjoy well thought out erotic science fiction, fascinating characters, and imaginative storylines laced with intrigue (not to mention some of the hottest sex scenes this side of the Milky Way), Planet Ds may well be what you're looking for. Check out Cluster One absolutely free!