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On Planet Ds slavery isn't a's an instinct. Scorch IS hotter than hot! It was the most dangerous sex she ever had... Sex isn't always what it seems...

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About Erotic Science Fiction

There's an awful lot of erotica out there. Tons of it. It's almost impossible to ignore the increase in erotica books available for sale, from mainstream publishers to independent ebooks. The aim of erotica is to titillate, to make your heart pound, to make your pulse race. A lot of erotic science fiction does just that. What I do is different.

What's the difference between science fiction erotica and erotic science fiction? My stories center around science fiction. Though they contain explicit sex scenes, they also have strong science fiction plotlines and realistic characters who come to life. While I portray romance, it isn't always sweet or fun. There's an element of darkness to my work that most of my readers relish.

When I say my books are explicit, I mean it. Filled with suspense, tension and ultra-hot sex scenes, my erotic work will tantalize, tease and otherwise taunt you as you've never before been taunted. They will also task your mind, for these are no simple boy meets girl stories. If you like your fiction with a bite, your sex scenes hot, your plots full of twists and turns, your characters with an edge, then you've come to the right place.

Nagerotica is hot with plot!

Master Nage
Moonah, Tasmania
November, 2004